Title blank and so do I, I am blank.

After speaking out my mind, yeah, 
Life gets better, I believe it would become better!

Is thankful to have such a understanding friend, 
Message with words which wouldn't reveal your true feeling, yet he gotta the point.
A lot more which are hard to describe in words, the friend just get your mean.

Thanks for being such a good friend to me, that's why, I would really appreciate a true friendship!
See again after sometime, 5 months, I mean.
Keep in touch =D

079 GGF

Life is super great when you are actually having a lot of GOOD GOOD FRIEND~
the GGF could always support you, help you, make you happy and let you have a great day!
This is my feeling now =D
Although we are apart now, but distance is not a challenge,
and I believe that, for now and even for the future, this fact will not change!
I have faith in our friendship,
so just have this belief together, and keep the faith!
will be counting down,
keep counting down until we meet again!!

Miss GGF!!! =)

078 What I Want NOW!

What I want now is I hope tomorrow is 7 DEC!!!

I wanted to leave SHIT company!!
I wanted to go back home immediately!!!
I wanted to makan Penang food!!!
I wanted to end the lousy IA now!!!!

Just dont understand why there is person with this kind of thinking?
Thou I seriously dont want myself to have any memory about anything in the lousy company, 
but probably this is good as it can be a reminder for myself, 
To think about own-self, to think about others as well.
Thanks Yvvone for letting me know some truths, I know I'm irrational most of the time.
And I feel guilty easily.
Is true that not good for a intern to question back a chemist. 
So the lesson learnt is that, like Yvvone told me, 
Dont let the words faster than your thinking.
Is true, but how well I can do that?

I know part would be my fault, 
but isn't true that when all people has same attitude towards you, 
then the thing with problem is U?

Just dont get thing clear..
Why would the last few days of IA come out with such problem?
I just wish to slack for some days, 
then just fly away from this SHIT and never go back AGAIN!!!!!!

077 Hobby

Just found out probably we are having same hobby..

Great? Isn't it?


076 Sharing = Irritating

I learnt a new thing today, guess I am doing mind reading stuff again, 

I shall keep this to myself always.........

075 They left

today is the second day they left...

no longer feel sad but i'm bored =(
just dont understand why although just 2 persons left yet during dinner is like left only 2/3 to eat together.. =(
anyway, days still passing and im counting down to the end of my IA..
i seriously cant wait for it anymore, dont even hope to stay there for any single moment now..

0 day of their leaving - sad, emo and the weather did helped me to cry..

1st day of their leaving - hurt myself but not because of them xD just because forgotten that there was a piece of broken glass inside the oil bath.. 
- but when i looked up the 3rd room above my floor, will still feeling sad.. although no memories inside that room a lot but, there were still some, at least those were quite important for me T_T

2nd day of their leaving- well, day still passed, must really train own self to be used to these days, weeks, months without them.. but actually for me, lack of 2 ppl = lack of a lot of joys .. i seriously miss u guys T_T 

am i going to jot down everything for each day they left?
haha, is not possible lah pls, i still have my games to play, my movies to watch etc.. 
but once in a week, probably i will do it =) cause it likes some sort of counting down , count to the end of my IA, count to the starting of my holiday and so call HOME =D
Jia you..!! 

074 Dont Make Me Hate You Please

haha, the title is just straight forward but is really what I am thinking!!
used to get offended but more in a joking manner..
yesterday i did helped out a lot by cleaning, neutralizing the sulphuric acid, checking the sample etc...
yet at the end of the day,
he said " u know what? super amazing, u did nothing today yet u spend your whole day"
what is the shit are u talking about?
do u think ur acid will just become pH7 after 3 days?
u think your fume hood would be clear if i am not there to tidy up?
and do you think u will have those clean apparatus to be used if i am not there to wash up for u?
what is all those shits!!!
got damn angry and refused to talk to u..
probably i really dislike PROUD Sxxxxxxrean!!!
anyway, i respect you because u have the knowledge and skills i admit..
but there are more people who might doing even better than u,
so, please, respect others!


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